Terms and Conditions


Please do note the following T&C:

1) All purchases are on a first come first served basis. Reserved items will only be held for a maximum of 2 days before payment. After the reservation period is up, the item will automatically go to the next interested customer.

2) All items sold are brand new and in excellent condition unless stated otherwise.

3) No exchanges or refunds. Once the payment is made, we cannot cancel your order and refund you.

4) Prices on all items are non-negotiable. No price-haggling, please. =)

5) Please do inform us if you change your mind before making the payment. We do not bite and, we appreciate the courtesy. Back-out buyers without any prior notice of cancellations will hence be blacklisted forthwith.

6) All postage fees are to be born by buyers.

7) Parcels will be mailed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Parcels should reach you the next day, or the day after, latest. However, if you absolutely need an item by a certain time, we suggest COD.

8) Please be aware that it will take us approximately 2-3 days after payment to deliver your parcel to the post office. We need this period to sort out your orders, package your parcel, and make a trip to the post office despite our busy schedule. Therefore, if you have a specific date in which you expect to receive your parcel, please do settle your payments 2-3 days before the mailing days. (Tuesday & Thursday)

9) All emails will be replied within 24 hours (unless we're away, for which we will post a notice, so don't worry). If you do not receive a reply within that time, please do email us again. =)

10) Thank you so much for your kind consideration and mature understanding. Please do understand that we have a valid reason for each and every one of the terms stated above, and we are not just 'making rules for fun'. We are certain this will benefit both parties, eliminate many possible mishaps, and make your shopping experience much more enjoyable and satisfying! =D

**For further enquiries, simply drop us an email. =)

Yours Truly,